Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunset Beach

In my humble opinion, the hours between 4:30pm and sunset are the best for the beach. I mean, any hours are great for the beach, but the evening ones are my favorite. The sun is gentler, the light is lovely, most people have packed's my favorite. We structured our whole day around evening beach time yesterday. Katie decided that 4:30 was an acceptable time to wake up, so she and I slept during the girls' and Paul's morning beach time. Then I took all the chickens to run a few errands during the hottest part of the day, then they all napped and we headed down to the sand around 4:45. It was perfect.
I am so excited for Bree's dancing. When she's just playing around, she makes the most beautiful lines.
Silly face showing off her new suit.
Katie spent the first part of our time crawling ALL OVER our section of the beach. 

Carly took a break from the boogie board to show off her own new suit (each like $8 at TJ Maxx; I love that place so much) and to demonstrate the proper technique for diving through big waves - their tans are ridiculous. SO BROWN!

Then Katie got changed over into her suit and went to play with the big girls in the surf. This was probably one of my favorite moments of ever.

We have a play date today, another one tomorrow, a sleepover on Thursday and another playdate on Friday. Carly has her softball end of season party tonight, and Bree's closing ceremonies are Saturday night. The great news is, for as busy as that sounds, the intervening moments are just smooth and empty. We're having the most wonderful week! =)

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