Sunday, May 05, 2013

Katie's Birthday Party

We had our final first birthday party yesterday...the birthday girl herself doesn't officially turn one until Thursday, but since we had a little bit of family in town, we had to take advantage and celebrate our sweet baby while we had company. 

I had her cake made from the extra batter from Carly's communion cake. I love and adore this precious confection! The font was just too darn cute!
Katie with soon-to-be Auntie Sam.
Auntie K did the banners - SO CUTE. She also painted polka dots on the hats, even though it was kind of silly, just because I asked her to. =)
I spent three days rubbing the skin off the tips of my fingers making this darn wreath! Note to self: read the Pinterest instructions before starting! Haha, I really needed about maybe 1/3 the amount of mesh ribbon I used, but I still totally love how it came out. Baby girl will be having red and pink birthdays for a WHILE though.....prepare to see this wreath for at least three years. =) I didn't attach the K, so don't be surprised if you see this for Valentine's Day, too. =)
Opening some presents! As usual our family was so super generous and sent such lovely adorable clothes and toys for our little birthday girl! You can see in this picture, Katie is just dropping the awesome bathing suit when she caught sight of that shape sorting elephant toy. =) All three girls love that little elephant!
The traditional parents-by-the-highchair pic. Un-cropped and I look a little crazy but I'd just gotten smacked in the face with Katie's party hat. =) =) On Thursday we'll look back at the bday pics with the other girls. =)
What the heck am I supposed to do with THIS?! It took her a while to figure it out, but she finally did make an adorable mess of herself and the cake!

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