Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Pictures

You probably saw this on Facebook already, but we're moving to New Jersey this summer. Paul took a job with Boston Scientific, in medical device sales. We're looking forward to this transition, and I'm REALLY looking forward to being near civilization again! 

I was honestly going to put these pictures on Facebook, but I have to stay away for week or so I think...I don't know what it is, but it seems like everyone and their mom is having digestive issues today and they have felt it necessary to share about them on social media. Maybe it's just me (it probably is), but man...I do NOT want to know about that! Millions of pictures of kids, pets, houses, race finish lines, plates of dessert, traffic, snow, pollen, feet on the beach...love it. Sickness stories are just gross. I wish FB had a reverse-search option so I could block any status updates, comments, or whatever about that kind of thing, for real.
 Rant over - moving on!

We are at the softball/teeball fields a LOT lately. Katie has a great time, because I let her crawl everywhere and get completely filthy. 
See that person lying on the ground holding on to Carly's feet? That would be her assistant coach. Someone (not naming names) had been teaching Carly to step before she hit and she was stepping way back and swinging about four feet away from the strike zone. When her coach was holding her feet, Carly actually shifted her weight like she's supposed to and got a nice solid hit. The look on Carly's face - thrilled and amazed - was absolutely priceless!
Practice is an hour and a half...Bree gets bored...lucky us we had a bunch of chalk in the car and we did a big picture of a mama mermaid, baby mermaid and sister mermaids. =)
If you can see it...Katie wanted to help. She picked up the gray chalk and rubbed it all over her eye so she looks like she's been in a fight. Silly baby.
Saturday, we went on a GS great big adventure to day camp. One of the sessions was a photography lesson and Carly got to play with my big fancy camera. She loved it! She took a bunch of crazy pictures of rocks and trees, a few of the beautiful blue cloudless sky and lots of the backs of people's heads. It's a process. =)
And then, Miss Thang. All fancy, and below, she didn't like the way her Cheerios smelled so she held her nose during breakfast. 

This one DID make it onto FB...I love it so much!

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