Sunday, May 05, 2013

Carly's First Communion

Carly was up at 6 this morning and asked me about every ten minutes when she could put on her dress and veil for her First Communion. She has a pretty good understanding of what this day means for her, and it really was a beautiful service. This morning it was a little overcast and rainy so when there was a break in the clouds we ran outside to get a picture! Poor girl, the sun was so bright reflecting off the wet sidewalk!

Her daddy said she looked like an angel and I have to agree.

Bree, with her godfather Uncle Matty, and his new fiancee (yay!!!) Auntie Sam.
My crazy napless baby. She and I spent most of the Mass in the worship training room. =)
Carly's Communion class! There are so many hilarious things going on in this photo - I so totally love it.
Carly and her banner. The flowers are for her great-grandparent who have passed. The rose is Paul's maternal grandmother (Gigi), the lily is for my paternal grandfather (Papa Jack), the dark purple chrysanthemum is for my maternal grandmother (Grandma) and the pink carnation is for Paul's paternal grandparents (Grandpop and Grandmom Fish). I'm really hoping we'll be allowed to take this banner with us when we move because it means a lot to us!

Poor Katie had had enough.

We returned home to lunch and Carly's beautiful amazing cake that I tried to avoid cutting for as long as possible!

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