Friday, May 10, 2013

Katie Claire at a Year

 This precious baby!
They don't come cuter, or sweeter, than her.

At a year, Katie eats:
Great! She still nurses a few times a day, and likes to eat pretty much anything except eggs, beef, and broccoli. Her favorites are things you'd expect: avocado, fruit of any kind, pasta, cheese, grilled chicken, applesauce. She has tried Gatorade and coconut milk and likes those okay, but we usually stick to water in her sippy cup. She likes to feed herself and to eat EXACTLY what we're eating, even if she doesn't like it.

At a year, Katie sleeps:
Pretty well, all things considered! She usually wakes up around 6:30am, is ready for a morning nap at 9:30 and an afternoon nap at 2:30, and bed around 7. If the day doesn't allow for her morning nap, she'll take a really long nap (like 3.5 hours!), usually around noon. If she goes to bed late because of softball or other activities, the next day will be a heavy nap day. She sleeps in her crib, through the night and will transfer from the car seat sometimes, which is awesome. She sleeps on her belly with her little legs tucked underneath, just like she has since around Christmas (7mo old) and usually wakes up pretty happy. =)

At a year, Katie wears:
Not this, obviously, but it was one of my very favorite tiny baby outfits. She's in 18mo clothes, some 18-24, some 12-18, just depending on the brand. She doesn't have a preference, but we like to keep her in leggings so crawling doesn't hurt her little knees. We have her well baby on Monday so we'll see her official stats, but I'm thinking she's around 22-24lb now.

What's new this month:
 Along with the general improvement of basic skills and standing independently, Katie has started to REALLY get into her books. She gets so excited and starts laughing when we sit down to read with her! Her favorites are animal books and we can hear her all over the house saying "baaaa" or roaring. SO cute!

Katie had a lovely birthday celebration and a fun birthday-day. Here are the birthday high chair photos from all our girls....we look so young with Carly, so tan with Bree and so happy with Katie. We've been happy this whole time, but we're 8.5 years into this thing and really getting into our groove. I love seeing pictures of us together with each of our kiddlings - it's good for them, too, to remember that their Dad and Mom are at the center of this family and each of them (the kiddos) is important on their own, too, not just as a sibling.

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