Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday Beach Day!

The weather has finally finally decided to cooperate with us and give us some sunshine and warmth! In my humble opinion, 72 is still a little too chilly to get in the ocean, but my kiddos are little mermaids and will jump in there at the slightest opportunity. =) Katie was advising Paul on the optimal "mushroom-style" beach umbrella set up. =)

Bree, just being herself. Sweet silly little beauty.

Those tiny little beach clams were EVERYWHERE. I'm pretty sure it's tiny-little-clam mating season or something because they all had tubes and flaps and all kinds of body parts sticking out of their shells. It was kind of creepy, especially when the tide brushed them all up on top of my feet and I could feel them dancing around. Yech! Get a room! haha - the girls thought it was cool.
We let Katie play in the surf, too and she LOVED it!
Bree, interrupting tiny little beach know...activities.

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