Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yay for Adventures!!!

Y'all KNOW how I love my big adventures! I love grabbing my whole darn family and dragging them around to cool places and taking a bunch of pictures. It had been entirely TOO long since that had happened, so we took advantage of a Girl Scout field trip and made it our own. As luck would have it, only one other family was able to attend this event - which was a little bit of a disappointment on one level, if we're being honest here, but what can you do? - and since they happen to be a really cool family, it was really like a true Big Adventure and not as much like Liz The Crazy Brownie Troop Leader forcing my husband to corral the babies while I did CBTL stuff. =) =)

Also, it was a beautiful amazing day and the places we visited (Airlie Gardens and the Halyburton Park in Wilmington about 1.5 hours from us) were super duper extra cool.
There was this little chapel made out of concrete and glass was amazing. In this creche, the Mother Mary is an Aunt Jemima bottle and Joseph is Frangelico. The details were incredible!
One side was this amazing incredible (kind of freaky with the eyes...) butterfly! The opposite side was two faces, the front was two trees and the back was wire leaves. Truly, truly amazing.

Bree and her friend Marin who she used to call Marvin =)

We went into downtown Wilmington afterward for dinner - it was awesome! My crazy girls....that Bree, I'll tell you what. How do you only cross ONE EYE?!? She's gifted! =)
If I weren't such a lazy blogger, i would totally move this back up to the top of the blog for you, because it was at the botanical gardens. They called it the "Ribbit Exhibit" and each of the kids got a little scavenger map to find all these rad frog sculptures around the gardens. Super cool!

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