Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Up

We're coming closer to a final word on our plans for the future, so that's great. 

I have a funny story from yesterday. Paul was on a ride-along with a medical device sales company and was standing in on a surgery. The sales rep in there, and the surgeon were kind of giving Paul a hard time, saying "oh hey, it's a new guy let's see if he passes out." Apparently the surgeon just kept going on about it, saying "okay man you might want to stand behind someone so you don't fall on the patient" and offering oxygen, etc. Needless to say, Paul went through the surgery just fine. Compared with some of the things he has seen in the last couple of years, a four inch incision in a sterile operating room was nothing. When they were washing their hands afterward the surgeon says to Paul, "So, what do you do?" and Paul said he was a Marine Corps officer. There was a pause and the surgeon goes, "Well, I feel like an asshole."  =)

While all that was going on, my babies and I went up to the base to see some of our long-lost friends. 

Katie is pretty much always barefoot if we're outside....she either starts that way, or ends up that way because she'd figured out how to remove pretty much any kind of foot covering. =)
Bree loves Emma's dress up bin - it is completely full of Disney-store princess dresses, the sturdy kind that don't fall apart like the ones from Target do.
Katie and Natalie were determined to remove the lid from the fire pit. =) Part of me is super sad these little babies aren't going to grow up together, but another part of me knows that we will make friends wherever it is we move, too. Moving is just tough!
They did it! Bree was worried!
Later on that afternoon, we used some free time created by a cancelled t-ball practice to play at the big awesome park in the sports complex. The big girls collected a mass of friends around themselves by the time we left, but at first it was just the two of them, bouncing down these crazy slides.
While Katie dug in the mulch and tried to escape.
And this sweet new friend tried to coax her back in.
We spent the rest of our time before Bree's ballet class delighting everyone with Katie's reaction to swinging way up high. She's hysterical - she screams and laughs and kicks her feet. =) Adorable!

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