Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'll Know When I Know =)

Paul's in Philadelphia again this week. We're doing a high-five tomorrow morning as I take off for a girls weekend in Fort Worth and he's just coming in tonight.

He did follow up site interviews with two other companies this week - and we've come to the conclusion that corporate life is just not an option. Cubicles, electric lights, data gathering, office politics, sitting in front of a computer all day....blech. It sounds horrible, and he said it was worse than it sounds. The good thing is, that's not the only avenue, so he's going to follow up with a couple more things and maybe by next weekend, we'll have a final decision.

This morning has been crazy around here. It's settled down now, obviously, or I wouldn't be blogging, hi. Anyway, here's a photo I found while I was pulling off some pictures for Bree's photo album (NOT a scrapbook, heaven help us there is just no way that is ever happening again):

Bree as a monster, at 15 months old...and Paul who looks about 15 years old. =)

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