Thursday, April 04, 2013

Supposedly Spring...

All pics from the week before Easter. Bree's first tee-ball game, and pretty much the cutest uniform ever! Then, the next morning, Carly was explaining to me how astronauts sat in their ship waiting for takeoff and she got photobombed halfway through by Katie's sticky breakfast hands. =)

Katie, who very much enjoyed her baby-sized apple on the ONE day of relative warmth and sunshine we've enjoyed in the last two darn weeks.

We walked to the little swingset in our neighborhood and Bree took lots of her stuffed animal friends along. She liked to swing upside down like her mermaid.

I swear this baby has more clothes than those paisley pants and this outfit, but because most of her meals end up like THIS (notice she has two spoons, neither of which is being used...), we tend to change clothes several times a day. =)

And oh so sad, Paul's truck super-broke. First it was the alternator, then we had to take it to a dealership where they fixed the computer and then the fuel pump. Along the way we replaced the serpentine belt and husband is an expert haggler, though. I think I may have mentioned this skill of his before - but honestly, we've paid about half what they initially asked for. He's driving his little rental Yaris up on his Grand Interview Tour this weekend, which makes me feel much better.

Bubbles! Katie isn't sure what she thinks about them.

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