Monday, April 01, 2013

We're Here

Everything is fine!

Well, I mean, Paul's truck is extravagantly broken and the repair guy can't figure out what's wrong, but that's all. The big girls are on spring break and we've spent the first day dodging rain. I organized the attic (it opens through their closet) and beginning on organizing my closet for spring. They made blanket and pillow forts in their room, blew bubbles under a beach umbrella while it drizzled, and watched a movie. I'm keeping this short because I'm kicking us all back out of the I the only one who cannot STAND to be stuck inside all day? Drives me up the wall.

I do have pictures from Easter. It was fun, they'll go up later. I just wanted to stop in and say hi! We're healthy! It's all good!

Paul got offered a job with PNC bank, he has his big hiring conference this coming weekend, then two interviews in Philadelphia that next week. So, not perfect timing for his truck to bite the dust, but a cute little rental Yaris has solved that problem.

Ok, everyone is relatively covered and clean, so out we go!

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