Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter 2013

The weather - that stinking weather - did not cooperate with my Easter plans this year, but we still made the most of it! We tried this cool ombre thing I saw on Pinterest (see green and blue eggs on the right), then we did our traditional over-dye with the others. I used Wilton dye because I forgot to buy the other kind, but it turned out SO vibrant and cool, we'll stick with it! My red is kind of old and gloppy so it didn't dissolve all the way, which turned into these super cool sparkly dotty kind of designs - we were really happy with them this year. Fun!

Easter Day itself! This is the closest I came to getting a picture of Paul - he looked so cute in his new glasses and spiky hair. =) The girls didn't wear matching dresses or anything (Mom fail! They're going to kick me off the island.) But church was beautiful, the bunny was good to us, and our dinner was lovely! Katie was enjoying some fruit salad (with lime and honey dressing and mint leaves - yummy!) and our pea-ricotta bruschetta.

 Later, playing in the sun.

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