Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring-ish Break

It's spring break! I'm going to try and not be boring and complain about the weather. NEXT week should be lovely and that will be wonderful. For this week, we're doing the best we can to get out in between the rain and freezingness. =)

Riding bikes on Monday! Both big girls have grown a bunch this year, so new bikes are on the agenda for birthdays. Well....Carly's getting a new bike. Bree is going to use Carly's current bike. Don't feel too bad for her, because I have my eye on this big awesome Playmobil princess castle for Miss Bree's birthday (yeah, I know, it's four months from now...). =) =)
We rode down to the pier and just hung out. Katie enjoyed a snack and the big girls kicked oyster shells around and looked for crabs.

That was cool until Carly slipped and fell halfway into the water at the edge of the boatramp, sort of exactly like I warned it might happen if she kept sliding in the algae gunk at the edge. She insisted she'd be fine...which she was. A little fish poop never hurt anyone. =)

After a quick change of clothes, we walked up to the Plantation shopping center by our house and discovered - yay! - a snow cone store just opened! We've been every day this week.

Silly Carly. She had softball practice this week, and I'm pretty sure this is from Monday afternoon.

Wednesday we had an errand in New Bern but it was a little too chilly to walk around outside in the cool downtown, so we just drove around and looked at all the cool buildings, houses and shops. At one point, Bree told us that the buildings were so pretty they were making her eyes sweat. MY GOSH I love that kid.

Here we are about to have lunch at the Cow Cafe! We'd heard great things about their ice cream, and it did not disappoint! Katie enjoyed her very first kiddie meal, and she ate the entire thing, plus Bree's apple sauce and my baked beans. =)

Riding bikes after our trip up to New Bern! She's such a sweet sister. Those ponytails only lasted about thirty more seconds because they didn't fit under her helmet. =)

Oops! This is from Tuesday...I think. Oh who knows. The days are running together. Katie has swim each morning, so we do that then spend the rest of the day hanging out. This is quite a different spring break from the one when we lived in Quantico and visited a different world class museum of historical landmark each day! I think the girls are having a good time, though! I know I am loving having them home and can't wait for the relaxed vibe of summer. Also for sunshine. I can't wait for sunshine.

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