Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Katie Claire at 11 Months



So, at 11 months, Katie Claire:

Sleeps: This is a big change from last month. She wakes up at around 6:30 regardless of when she went to bed. Naps are at about 9am and around 2pm. Today she went down earlier because we had a softball game last night and were out really late...she sleeps in her bed now, or sometimes in the car seat on the way home from the gym in the morning. I tried having her in bed with me, but that is totally hopeless! She can't calm down and just yelled NANANANA right in my face until I realized she was saying "nigh-nigh" and asking to go to her own bed. =) Almost without fail, she will wake up 45 minutes into her afternoon nap and have to talk herself back down, after which she will sleep another hour - hour and a half. 

Eats: whatever we're having, unless it's too spicy or tough. I think we've introduced pretty much everything that plays a regular part in our diet, and her favorites are what you'd expect: pasta, bananas, apple sauce, green beans, tofu, cheese cubes, fruit of any kind, etc. She started drinking coconut milk - the canned, full fat kind - kind of on accident but she loved it, so now she gets a little bit for her desserts. She's still nursing, but we're down to 3-4 times a day, whenever she wakes up and right before bed, so she takes a sippy with water when she seems thirsty. 

Clothes: some 12 months, but mostly 12-18 or 18 mo. The dress is 12 mo, I think, and it just fits. She's a big girl! She's usually in pants, or leggings with her dresses because of crawling and the fact that we're going to be outside until it's too buggy and/or hot. The first day we went out, she pulled off her socks and gave herself a raspberry on the top of her foot - it's super sad, so we make sure she's got on shoes and socks all the time now.

Stats: a highly unscientific weight on my scale this morning said 25 lbs. She's slimming out a lot now that she moves all the time, but she's still a sturdy girl. =)

Likes: um, eating? Also, swings, music, reading books, riding around in the Little Tykes car with the floorboards in, splashing in the bathtub, watching the trees, trying to eat rocks, crawling around the yard and driveway while the big girls play, taking anything out of wherever it was =), tearing up paper, unrolling toilet paper, dumping out stuff....basically all your normal bigger baby things. She takes a LOT of joy in pulling folded clothes out of the laundry basket! She will leave unfolded clothes alone, but the folded ones, man, she loves throwing them all over. Naturally. =)

Dislikes: kind of the same as always - having her hands or face wiped (she's okay with the faucet for hands, just not a wipe or washcloth, for the love!), being too far away from me, swimming lessons =(, when she can't reach something she wants, going to bed, etc. She's overall a really happy, chill little chicken, so this list isn't really all that long.

New Since Last Time: standing solo and being able to sit down from a pulled-up spot, holding out her hands to get washed whenever we're near the sink, drinking from a sippy without help, learning a big-girl cup, floating on her back during swimming lessons, pointing at objects, waving her hands around during the Itsy Bitsy Spider song, yelling for her dad (and meaning it!), cheering on her sisters at softball and teeball. She claps whenever the crowd claps - it's so so cute.

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Emily said...

Such a little sweetie. And I adore those little RL polo dresses! :)