Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re: The Job Search

A few things:

1) All those millions of interviews went well and he has several follow-ups. Cool job opportunities all over the place.

2) I've stopped getting excited about any particular option because things change so quickly, and I've found that having enthusiasm ruled out as a potential reaction to any given idea has severely limited my emotional range. Apparently, I live most of my life on a continuum between mild delight to rhapsodic fervor. Seriously! Being cool is kind of boring.

3) Our (technically, his) housing allowance skewed our (my) view of what life really costs. What's amazing to me is how quickly our dollars shrink without that cozy allowance cushioning the cost-of-living blow. You take a place, add in museums, professional sports, shopping, and a bunch of people who went to college, and a comfortable paycheck gets really small, really fast. And we thought Emerald Isle rents were high! Silly, silly us!

4) Nothing to do with Paul, but both Carly and Bree had dance pictures today in the next town over, and both girls had practice at the baseball fields nearer to our house. These things all overlapped in the time between 4 and 7pm. Katie and I drove up and down that road five times shuttling big girls back and forth! I'm completely wiped out but it was super fun =)

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Emily said...

Good luck on the job search, specifically in the FW area! :)