Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clothes and Cookies and Everything Else

So this would have been last week...last Wednesday. We found this cute dress on Clearnace and Bree accessorized with the most colorful things she could find. I thought she looked awesome - my little rockstar princess. =)

In other clothing news, all of these, plus a GIANT spacebag full of gear and other clothes were given to a family from Paul's work. They just had their first daughter in December, and she was the perfect recipient for seven years' of precious baby clothes. I selfishly saved out my favorites - the pajamas everyone wore, the sweet little dresses I can remember, the bubble suit given to us by a best friend - to have made into a quilt. It was sad to see those things go away, but it was fun to see the mom's face when we delivered a mountain of pink adorableness. =)
Carly had a spot of rash on her face and she got sent home from school - we went to eat while we waited for her doctor's appointment.
Blurry but cute - this is Katie's new favorite game. We call it sweet face. =)

Cookie booth before and after! As fun as it was, man, I am SO glad that is over. Our troop initially set a goal of 1500 boxes and we sold 2023 at the end of it all. Pretty cool!

And this Monday we started t-ball for Bree and softball for Carly! Both girls love their teams. Carly looks SO grown up out there with her team. I personally am concerned about my mental health signing both of them up, considering we are at swim twice a week, dance twice a week and Girl Scouts all the time.

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