Saturday, March 09, 2013

Katie at 10 Months

Nobody pass out. I'm actually doing this on the right day.
....nevermind that we skipped month 9....

So Katie. Smearing her PBJ (that's right. PEANUTS. And she's fine.) on the window.
And here's Bree, at 17 months, wearing that same outfit. =)

Discovering she can pull up at the front window and see out! Super exciting!

My little blue-eyed chubby-cheeked caboose.

So, at 10 months, Katie Claire:

Sleeps: for 11 hours at night. It's up to me when those 11 hours happen to fall. I choose the 7:30-6:30 time slot whenever I can. Naps are not so great. Due to activity, gym and carpool schedules no day is the same, so she gets an hour or so in the morning (usually) and another hour or so in the afternoon (usually). She's the third kid, what can I say? If she's SUPER tired and house it too loud or busy, she goes in the Ergo to sleep.

Eats: whatever we're having, with some modifications. For example, today she had cream of wheat with applesauce, a banana, and a scrambled egg for breakfast. Lunch was an avocado (the entire freaking thing), another banana, some Ritz crackers and about three molecules of cooled steamed broccoli (not a fan) and about half a pear, sliced up. She's going to have grilled chicken, rice and peas for dinner. And I'll probably give her a Girl Scout cookie after dinner. =) A day worth of organic, non-processed (except the organic crackers) food and it ends with a cookie full of who-knows-what. That's what I call a balanced diet! =)

She also nurses 4-5 times a day and will drink water from a water bottle.

Clothes: 12-18 month stuff. See above picture with the little bird outfit. Her pajamas are 18 months and are a tiny bit roomy. As for shoes, I don't know. I should....but I don't. 

Stats: At her 9 month appointment she was almost 30 inches now and 22 lbs! She's not gaining much weight lately despite her amazing food intake, mostly because she's a busy bee.

Likes: um, eating? Exploring, music, reading books, her DADDY (finally!) her sisters, her toys, watching the trees, swinging, going down slides (with lots of Mommy's help of course!), chewing on things, one of the CuddleUpPets (these bizarre blanket/puppet things the big girls got when Paul came home).

Dislikes: losing body contact with Mommy, broccoli, having her diaper changed or faced wiped, being served food that is not exactly what her sisters are having, not being able to reach something, getting stuck standing

New Since Last Time: so so so many things! She crawls, she pulls up, she has two teeth on the bottom and FOUR teeth on the top, she's added lots of sounds and I swear to you she says thank you. She will sing back when we sing to her or she likes the song on the radio (she's a big fan of Taylor Swift). Her personality is really starting to come through now. She's still just as sweet as ever but she's starting to be silly, too! You really have to come visit us to see her wobble her little head around and laugh - so stinking cute!

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