Thursday, March 14, 2013


Spring is taking its sweet time this year, isn't it?

It was just exactly warm enough even with the breeze for us to go to the beach after Carly's dance class this afternoon. I LOVE that the dance studio is within walking distance of my house, and the beach is just another maybe half a mile away if that. It was so relaxing to just go play, and I'm really, really REALLY looking forward to more afternoons just like this one.

This ship in some of the background pictures is working on a beach project...I forget the word...but they have added about seven feet of sand to the beach because it had eroded during the hurricanes this year and last year. They have giant pipes that somehow dredge out the sand from an offshore island and stick it on our beach! Pretty cool!

I didn't dress them all in head-to-toe pink on purpose...that's just how we roll. =)

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