Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Flu =(

Carly has it.

I'm going to go ahead and say we got lucky and she caught the one version of it that a) Katie is immunized against and b) is NOT the one that made her sick to her stomach. Paul's in the field and I don't know how I would have handled that!

There were seven kids out of her class last Friday with this mess! And now she's out for the rest of the week. We're also lucky in that her symptoms are responding well to Motrin and Tylenol and lots of TLC. Obviously there's not much I can do about the sniffy nose and cough, but at least nothing hurts.

We're up now because she was mad at her sniffy nose and she wanted some tea and a snack. When she first woke up, she was half-conscious, yelling at everyone and stomping around which of course woke up Bree who has this awful hooting middle-of-the-night cry which is very effective at punishing anyone who dares wake her up...also pretty effective at waking baby sisters. There were fifteen awesome minutes when every one of them was crying and wanted something. Glad that's over. =)

My reward for that ordeal was that I remembered a 30% off coupon that expired at midnight. Pretty sweet, right!

So anyway, we'll probably post some photos tomorrow of our at-home schooling fun. Carly's working on a project about James Buchanan (he's the President that her daddy did a project on when he was in elementary school - are you noticing a theme here?) and we're going to put the display board together this week.

I will keep mentioning this but I am so, so, so ready for spring. I don't know what it is, but this has seemed like the LONGEST WINTER of my life! For real!!! I'm planning a party for March 20 to celebrate spring. That's only 27 days away, thankgoodnesssssss....

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