Sunday, February 24, 2013

Phone Photos!

There are two pieces of excellent news which are getting me through this storm of crazy:

1) Cookie Season will be over in two weeks.
2) Spring is 23 days away.

I'm just holding out until then. Being cooped up in the house because it's raining and 40 degrees is not good for drives me nuts, especially because there are such limited options for where to GO. I know wherever we are next year, there's a good chance it will be colder weather than here, but there is also a good chance that there will be museums, and malls, and a symphony or theater, a big giant library...seriously. Anything. 

But it's almost over. Soon it will be nice enough to spend our afternoons outside and to keep the windows open and to go play on the beach....I cannot WAIT.  =)

Meanwhile, some funny captionless pictures of my kids and their shenanigans:

Currently Katie is fighting a nap, the big girls are at church with Paul and I'm here doing this. No really, in between I'm printing stuff for our Brownie meeting this afternoon and seeking some peace which my overtired and loudly stubborn baby is not willing to relinquish just yet. =)

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