Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace

This adorable little mermaid says, "Welcome to the blog! There are three (3!!!) new posts today for you to enjoy! First, some photos taken with Uncle Mace's awesome camera of last weekend when we all got to hang out with him and Aunt Diane on the first leg of their three week road trip!"

We are such parents, both of us trying to break into craft supplies. You will notice we are using the same technique =)
Sweet sisters ready for the Daddy Daughter dance! Yes those are their Christmas dresses. Although I did not buy these particular dresses with the intention of recycling them for Valentine's works. =)
I love this! It's probably the last time he'll wear his blues, and I'm so glad it was with these two little girls. They had a great time dancing! Paul sent me a text halfway through of Bree jamming on the stage and he wrote "just like her mama." Haha =)

All my three girls with Aunt Diane. Please pardon the giant Wall O'Girl Scout Cookies in the background. In this picture, I think Carly looks just like Paul and Bree looks just like me and Katie looks just like a baby version of Paul's Grandmom Fish.

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Emily said...

So adorable! Those dresses worked perfectly for a V-day dance!