Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up...As Usual!

Katie's first playdate!
This is Hunter - he is SO CUTE! He's also two weeks older than Katie, and this is an accurate representation of the differences in their size. =) The coffee shop where we met had a cool little kid's area and someone had brought in homemade bread. Hunter chewed on the crust for a while and Katie ate an avocado and three pieces of bread. Hahaha...that's my girl.

They are so sweet!

From a couple of nights ago, crawling backward around her room while Bree, who is possibly the most loving and attentive big sister ever, laughed and cheered her on. 

After school, the kids like to run around this little courtyard. There just so happens to be a tree with branches the right height for preschooler climbing.

Yay for Valentine's Day!!!
We are VERY loved! =)

I bought this wreath the same weekend I met Paul. xoxo

Our window dressing! Designed and prepared by Carly and Bree. They did a great job! Each of the hearts has someone's name on it and the big heart in the middle says, "This is the best family EVER!" I'm totally doing like I did with the birthday banner and laminating that for posterity. =)

A couple of kids I know had WAY more sugar than normal. They ran circles around the yard and wrestled and laughed for the entire time between dance and swim. They were so funny out there  - that is Bree on Carly's head. =)

We've just eaten our body weight in SUGAHHHHHHH!!!

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