Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Three children has exceeded my capabilities.

Well, okay, that's not true. Three children plus being a totally involved with Brownies plus volunteering as a financial counselor plus working out a lot plus cooking dinner every night plus spending two extra hours a day teaching my kids stuff they aren't being taught in school...THAT has exceeded my capabilities.

I like that one better because it makes me sound like superwoman, which I am SO not. So, so, so not. You will notice that I didn't mention anything about cleaning the house, and there were no specifics about exactly what I'm cooking for dinner. =) We have had steam-bagged green beans and canned tuna more than once (this week...).

Anyway, case in point: Valentine's Day. Carly was supposed to bring in a plain shoe box to decorate as a mailbox to collect Valentine's cards from her classmates. She was supposed to bring it in BEFORE today. Bree was supposed to bring in an already-decorated box NOT before today for the same purpose. Well, at least I decorated Bree's (ten minutes before) we brought it to school on Tuesday. Then, after Carly was understandably VERY upset that she didn't have a box to decorate with all her friends yesterday, we did hers yesterday evening. It turned out super cute!

Our cards were just your classic white-paper-doilies glued to red and pink construction paper. Nothing you'd find on Pinterest. =) Bree came home with some seriously cute creative stuff that the kids had nothing to do with making, and Carly will, I'm sure, come home with a shoe box full of the kind of candy card I ALMOST bought because honestly, it's just easier. Homemade cards are my favorite though, and not only because I hate having to say no to the millions of requests for candy I will be getting over the next two weeks. Carly's preschool specified kid-made cards for Christmas and Valentine's Day and I'm perfectly serious when I tell you that will be one of the things I ask about during our upcoming school search in Whereversville, USA.

Okay, this is long, and photoless and boring. Update on Katie coming as soon as she wakes up! She caught a cold from the CDC (shocker...) so she's up sleeping it off. Send us healthy thoughts!

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Emily said...

I was going to say - just dealing with Girl Scout cookies would be enough to do me in. You're doing a great job!