Monday, January 14, 2013

Last Week

The weather last week was great! We were outside every day and loving it!
I love these first two pictures because they are a rare set of pictures in which Bree seems like a sane person and Carly looks completely crazy. Lol that nut.
Wednesday, the little girls and I went and put new tires on my car (fun!) and then played outside for the entire rest of the day. It was so great! When I took this picture not only was I forgetting about that weird ugly tree/bush combination in the background, but Katie looked super tiny. In photo form she looks HUGE.
She was a very happy monkey, just making funny faces.

Dance costumes! Carly chose to drop her ballet class after the fall semester so she's only taking hip hop. Don't mention her costume to Paul unless you want a fifteen minute diatribe about how this inoffensive, completely modest and cute costume is "a disgrace" and how he wants his money back. Bree's fluffy confection is SO SWEET and thankfully meets with her dad's approval. =)
Walking to ballet class! Whenever we move from here, one thing I will absolutely miss is the ability to walk to so many places! Bookstore, restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy, post office, rent paying place..uh...the 

Watching hip hop class. It's hilarious because out of a dozen girls maybe two have any rhythm at all.

Friday was another lovely day and Paul came home from the field. It was so great to see him again! The girls watched ParaNorman and slept on the fold-out couch. Saturday we were up early for a Girl Scout adventure to a museum 2.5 hours away (see also: things I won't miss about living here...things are either within walking distance or HOURS away). We had low participation for this event, but the girls still had fun AND they earned a badge. We do love our badges around here.

Sunday had church, more lovely weather, getting ready for our meeting and a big Girl Scout meeting. Fun week and weekend and here's hoping I can keep it together enough this week to post more adventures as we have them! =)

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