Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog Failing!

Oh man, I need to get better at this.

Anyway, some things:

1) We are healthy now! Yay!

2) The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! I love having the windows open all day and spending time outside in the lovely weather especially since the bugs are still dormant. Actually ONLY since the bugs are still dormant - ants and flies and mosquitos and bees and spiders and water bugs and gnats will be chasing us inside before too long, so we're loving this while it lasts!!!

3) Cookie sales have started. I'm so much less stressed about it than last year!

4) Someone told Paul that I said it was easier when he was gone, and they said it in such a way that it sounded like I mean I liked it when he was gone. I didn't hear about it until later and am still speechless at that person's thoughtlessness. Why would someone SAY something like that? You will remember I talked about the silver linings to a deployment here - how being the only grownup can be efficient and streamlined. No discussing, only doing, etc etc. You remember that? Also less laundry, but oh my SWEET WORD how there could have been any doubt about which situation I prefer...I'm flabbergasted. You know that state of mind when you keep starting sentences in your mind, like "What...?" "I mean who would...?" "Just...why???" and on and on without ever really completing a thought.

So, for the record, in case anyone else is feeling confused: I like having Paul home much better than having him away, particularly when away involves people shooting at him. I mean honestly. Why am I having to spell this out?

5) Paul and Carly are going to the children's hospital a couple hours away tomorrow for her to have an endoscopy. She's taking Prilosec now twice a day for reflux. It is still not effective at swim practice or if she gets too hungry or thirsty, so they're going in to take a look and see what's up. Paul is taking her because due to flu season, no non-patients under 12 are allowed in the hospital and it is logistically easier for me to manage the little ones...I'm going to be worthless tomorrow morning! My baby is going under general anesthesia and I'll be a hundred miles away trying not to freak out. It will be good to get some answers, though.

6) That's all really. Decrease in Tylenol consumption, sunshine, cookies, wanting to smack people upside the head, routine medical know, just an average week. =)

Pics to follow, hoping y'all are well. xo

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KKGhoffman said...

I will be praying for Carly. Hope you find some answers.