Monday, January 14, 2013

Katie at 8 Months

Taking this daddy doll picture is getting interesting. =) Katie doesn't like to lie down ever.
Here she is having a conversation with the fan in her room.
EXCITED!!!! She flaps her arms when she gets happy.
And then crawling to me because she'd had enough of not being in my arms. 

Sleeps: better lately! She puts herself to bed around six on days we're home at that time. Unfortunately for her, we are out of the house three evenings a week, so it's a little less organized. About half the time, she'll sleep straight through. Naps are a little trickier - she sleeps in my arms or in the carrier. That's it. And luckily it's not a problem for me to haul her around while she sleeps. =)

Eats: Still primarily at Mom's, but she loves lots of solids, too. She's tried all the veggies and lots of fruit purees with oatmeal and rice cereal, but her favorites are banana pieces, canned peaches (they are nice a soft), cut up strawberries, smashed peas, very soft pasta, tofu pieces and bread. So far there hasn't been anything she won't eat, which is such a blessing. She love puffs, of course, as well as those cool freeze-dried yogurt drops.

Clothes: 12 months. She's pretty long, so she's out of most of her 6-12 month stuff. We're folding up her leggings, but that's not a big deal. She looks so cute in all her new Christmas clothes!

Stats: She's really active nowadays, so I don't think she's gained a lot of weight. She's probably hanging out around 22-24 pounds and probably about 29 inches. We'll see next month when she's in for her 9 month appointment.
Likes: Mommy. =) It's so cool being her favorite person. The older two girls are Daddy's girls 100% so it's nice to see what it's like to have a Mommy's girl! It is completely worth having her try to crawl into my face whenever I'm holding her and literally never being able to put her down. When I'm not available, she also is a big fan of her sisters and dad. She loves eating (particularly bananas and bread!), being outside, taking walks, watching the big girls play, classical music, dancing, books, baths, and banging measuring spoons on bowls.

Dislikes: falling asleep, people up in her face or talking to her if she's not feeling friendly, loud noises or too much noise, being put down except to eat, getting dressed, lying down, wearing socks or shoes, hearing but not seeing Mommy, seeing Mommy and not being held

New this Month: We are seeing more and more of Katie's personality coming out. It looks like we've got another determined little miss on our hands (this is a GREAT thing! I will keep repeating that to myself for the next eighteen years), rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, all those new foods we've talked about earlier. She has also figured out how to turn the pages of her board books to see new pictures and I will SWEAR she said the word "up" last week. We were in the bed and she'd finished eating - this was before 6 so the room was still dark. She was pulling herself up my arm by my sleeve and kicking her legs, clearly trying to get up to my face. She started vocalizing and I swear to you she said "Up!" So of course now every time I pick her up, I say "up!" and then "Mommy!" So we shall see if we get a repeat performance. Carly said her first word at 9 months (bear), so it's not too far out of the realm of possible things. =)

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