Monday, January 14, 2013

Carly 1

Hi! Okay she's fine. We'll hear more later this week but what Paul said the doctor said is this:

1) There are no ridges in the stomach that are common with celiac. This is a good thing.
2) There are two smallish areas of irritation, but no ulcers. Also good.
3) There are no tumors, or tears, or physical irregularities in the stomach.
4) There was much more bile than would be expected for someone who is not sick and has not had anything to eat for twelve hours which might be a cause for the extra acid feeling.

So we wait to hear more. I am listening for information on the following:

1) If the valves going into and out of her stomach are working properly. If there is an issue with the pyloric valve (the one leading into the intestines) that could help explain the bile thing.
2) What the plan is going forward.
3) Why swimming makes it worse.

Overall, this is a very minor issue, healthwise. The doctor agreed with Paul that a lot of the acid stomach might be mood related. Carly has perfectionism in her genes (not it!) and a healthy dose of anxiety, too, so maybe I'll get lucky and the doctor will prescribe a nurturing, peaceful, serene school environment (Montessori) and that's what we'll do. A girl can hope. =)

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