Monday, January 07, 2013

And They Say Third Children Don't Have Any Pictures...

Alternate title: in which I am sentimental and annoying about everything my little baby does.

So I spent most of Saturday in bed sleeping and trying desperately to get rid of this cold that just won't freaking END. I got up in the morning and did a few things but Paul kicked me out of the kitchen around noon and I didn't emerge from our room until the next day. THAT WAS AMAZING. =) Katie hadn't slept in a couple of nights and so I hadn't either. It was so good to just sleeeep without being interrupted to referee, find shoes, make food, clean anything...seriously. The best.

The little night owl came in for her breakfast (this is before my oh-so-welcome exile) and to hang out for a little while. I took this picture because one odd side effect of this stinking cold is that it makes its victims extra emotional. As my little genius was exploring her tea cup, I got all teary-eyed at how smart she is and what a little miracle she is...I know, ridiculous with the cheesy. I was laughing at myself and I had to take the picture to remember that. I mean, honestly. I'm pretty sentimental on a normal day, but my word!

Later on, Fatface came back! She had a nice long nap with me then she played and read her new favorite book from Uncle Matty and Miss Sam while I read Les Mis on Paul's Kindle. Not MY Kindle. Not THE Kindle...Paul's. He kindly lent me a few megabytes of space for the twelve million pages of that book I got for free (free!) thanks to my lovely and wonderful Amazon Prime.

That SWEET face. This was my view all afternoon!

It was sunny finally and not freezing cold so that meant the park after Carly got off the bus. I still feel like I've been run over by a truck - maybe it's a sleepwalking thing? In the night I go out and get run over a few times just for fun? - but we can't skip nice weather! Katie loved watching the big girls climb all over everything.

The Crazies.

Crazies turned adorable big sisters helping Katie with her first time in the swing. She LOVED it and Carly and Bree were so excited for her!

Paul's headed to the field tomorrow for three days. NONE of us are happy about this, but I'm really thankful it's just during the week. I'll happily manage swim practice which starts at the same time as the girls were in bed tonight as long as we get him over the weekend. Not that the Marine Corps cares, but still. The other day Carly walked into the garage where he keeps his gear and saw it all packed and stacked and she got really sad about it, thinking he was going back to long work. Sometimes I forget that she's not tiny, when things would just kind of flow by her. So I talked to her today and showed her the schedule. She wasn't happy to see all the medium work on her dad's schedule for the spring, but at least she knows what's happening and won't have to come across another ugly surprise like that! She WAS happy to see all the millions and millions of entries for Girl Scouts, though! My enthusiastic little Brownie loves her adventures. =)

Okay, well....we're watching this sad, sad event sometimes known as the National Championship of college football. I don't have a favorite, but it's never fun to see someone just have their behind handed to them. 
It's not cute!


Amy D. said...

nat'l championship: totes

and I hope you are over the cold now but do you ever do EmergenC or anything similar? it helps me.


Amy D. said...

nat'l championship: totes

Mommy3 said...

I love it! I was determined and still am to make sure there are lots of pics of Sarah too!! Lol. The pic of Katie on the bench is my favorite. She's so cute! I miss that age.