Thursday, January 03, 2013

Back To Reality and Outtakes

Carly went back to school yesterday and Paul is back at work today. After having him home for so long, I miss him! So looking forward to this weekend.

Now for the outtakes:

My monkey. I'm super excited that in not too long, the sun will be up soon enough for this girl to go back to having run around time before we got to school. Otherwise...this. Her poor teachers.

Daddy doesn't believe in bibs. Katie is a fan.

From Christmas Day with her awesome tobbles...she's too young for them, but they're still super cool for chewing! =)

This is a sweet moment I put on FB but I want it here for posterity. =)
This is from the day we were decorating the tree. Carly had a cold, Bree was tired and Paul was discovering that it is physically impossible to retain consciousness while two kids are sleeping on you. Adorable!

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Expat Girl said...

I Love that last photo