Thursday, December 06, 2012

SO Not What They Meant...and an Update =)

Okay, folks! We're back at it. I snapped these with my phone just now. You and I both know that whatever over-stylized supermom came up with this list did not intend for smartphone pics...a Good Mother would have pulled out her pricey camera with special lens and adjusted the perfect lighting etc etc but I'm being a Terrific Mother today and spent the morning pureeing organic baby food (seriously, that's really what I did) and feeding it to a fat baby who all of a sudden decided she likes to eat from a spoon. So, still disorganized but an overall win. We also spent some time playing Christmas music on the piano and singing.


The Real Day 3: Gifts! 
Spoiler alert: everyone is getting a picture. TJ Maxx has the BEST frames for the best prices, so...there ya go. My fabulous photographer said she'd have our stuff ready this weekend. The girls' stuff is hidden away in the depths of the attic and I didn't want to tip Bree off as to their location. Done!

Day 4: Santa!
I love my little collection! There were more but TMO broke a couple when we moved here. I love and adore "skinny Santa." We received him as a gift a couple of years ago - it's a painted cyprus knee (part of the root system of a cyprus tree that the plant sends up from it's swampy home so that the roots can get more oxygen). WAY cool. I'm looking forward to the week after Christmas to go pick out the next addition to our little group. 

Day 5: Tradition!
Most of our traditions occur later in the season...decorating the tree, our lovely Christmas Eve meal, watching Nat'l Lampoon while we set up the living room, Christmas Eve service, our gingerbread house...but for now...Albert! We go outside and yell toward the North Pole for him on November 30. Then, like the good little elf he is, he shows up the next day!
Gotta love the Elf on the Shelf. Gotta love how he gets REALLY high whenever Daddy is home. Still not sure how he's going to get down from there....but I'm sure he'll figure it out. He meaning the elf , of course.

Day 6: Stockings!
Yes they are still wrapped up! I need to go buy some cup hooks because although those heavy stocking hangers are adorable, I'm convinced one of my children will give herself a concussion or fracture her skull or something pulling on them. So we're going to wait.

Anywho - new, lovely, classic velvet stockings from PB. I used "Liz, Bree and Katie" instead of our full names and I'm still a little conflicted about that, but I didn't want Carly's cute little sporty name to look out of place in a fireplace full of classics. I know, I know, we probably should have thought of that like seven or four or one year ago, but whatevs. Santa knows who we are. We have our felt stockings for guests. =)

Day 7: Snow!
We live in North Carolina...and believe it or not, it is not snowing today.'s a snowlike substance on the beginnings of our mantle decorations. These were the very first Christmas decorations I picked out my very first year of being a 'real' grownup. I lived in my grandmother's adorable little Craftsman bungalow and I spent entirely too much money that year on holiday decorations, but it was so super cute, I have to say.

For our Christmas Kindness list! Well...
  • We're going off-book.
  • Wrote notes to teachers and friends on the same day.
  • Handed out candy canes at school and at stores, kind of whenever the mood strikes.
  • Making gingerbread RIGHT NOW for neighbors
  • Trash and recycling and mail lady next week. Kid-drawn art is in the works.
  • Post office friends whenever we get there - hopefully some time before February.

And an it turns out, we are not actually going to get that full week with Paul like I thought. Apparently having the full battery back for four months means he has to go back to work like normal as soon as this class is over. He isn't really getting a break at all, going from one thing directly to another..other than the weekend I honestly think he's spent maybe one full day at home of what is theoretically supposed to be a 30 day break. A large part of it his choice and I completely 50% understand. The other 50% of me is vacillating between throwing minor pity parties and reminding myself to grow up and be thankful he's on American soil. =) 

On that happy note, I'm off to Napland with my two youngest. Lately I've gotten into this fun habit of waking up at about midnight and not being able to fall back asleep until 4. So I'm extra grateful for Netflix and am loving my naps. Hope y'all are well!


Amy D. said...

Good call on the stocking holders!! Drewsky pulled the stocking last year and the heavy angel busted his forehead. Like ER kinda bust up. It bit.

Euna Garrett said...

We have the PB embroidered stockings too and I love them!!