Monday, December 17, 2012

Katie at 7 Months

Stats: 19.5lb, 28.5in. 85th and 97th percentiles, respectively. She's in 12 month clothes (see above) and is pretty long for them. I love my great big baby!
Eats: At Mom's usually, and also has been enjoying the standard new-to-solids foods. She prefers banana spears to puree and in true Fischer-daughter fashion, the girl LOVES her puffs. Since she's started on solids, she's been waking twice at night to eat (NOT FUN) and added a feeding during the day, so we quickly ran out of frozen milk and I wasn't able to keep up. So I sent her to the CDC with a bottle of formula one day...that did not go well. She hates it so much! Everything else is going fine, though. She is a very hands-on eater, so we're doing lots of cleaning the booster seat. =)
Sleeps: Meh.
New this month: SO MUCH! She sits (obviously, see above) and has added a few new sounds to her chattering. She likes to wave and she flaps her arms up and down when she gets excited to see me or Paul. She's also perfecting her grab-and-tug, using my earrings and that one little section of hair right at the nape of the neck (ouch!) for practice. =) She's such a joy and such a chilled out baby. My favorite thing is when Bree walks into the room, Katie is conditioned to be entertained and she'll just sit there and stare at Bree until she does something funny.

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