Thursday, December 06, 2012

Other Pictures Instead

Oops! Totally forgot to upload the Christmas list pictures. Geez, I'm never good at those lists, but this has to be a new personal record, my WORD. Ah well, I took Katie's daddy doll picture on her six month birthday which was about 26 days ago and I haven't uploaded THAT either, so what are you going to do. I'm the kind of mom who will have her kids spouting off all the different nutrients in broccoli and learning all about Greek mythology and the rise and fall of the Roman empire but I'm just not going to be the mom who does themed days of the week EVERY week or  keeps meticulous baby books. That's why I have a blog. =) All the deets recorded in my own haphazard way and dear Blogger is helpful enough to categorize them for me by month and year! Awesome!

So anyway, the pictures.

Katie is starting to eat a LITTLE more solid food! She only kind of hates it, but the baby crack (puffs, people, puffs) are a huge hit.

UGH that sweet face! I could kiss her fat cheeks all day long, and I do most days. See also: why I forget to upload photos and save all my laundry for after baby bedtime.

Hey look I'm going to eat that cam-

- oh wait what have we here???

Missed. =)

I overestimated our vegetable consumption while shopping last weekend so we had a very veggie dinner. Bree wanted me to take a picture of her enjoying her pasta after ballet class.

And then, okay, on the slight chance that you need even MORE cuteness...Bree. Bless her, I love this crazy girl. She started learning Oh Christmas Tree in school and I love it because it's one of the only non-hymn holiday songs that they aren't learning with the words all changed to make it holy. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a little corny IMO). Make sure you take a moment to fully enjoy her costume. =)


Anna Costa said...

Love that gurl!!!!

Anna Costa said...

God I love that girl, so sweet!