Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breakfast With Santa

Our ball was in Myrtle Beach this year. Awesome. Instead of giving you the very long list of all the things I didn't get a picture of, here's one  great event I did actually manage to preserve for posterity.

Super fun and super cheesy and touristy! LOVED. IT.
At this point in the morning Bree was too hungry and overtired for pictures, mostly from running laps the enormous kitchen of our AWESOME two bedroom villa we were basically stealing from the Marriott for $75 a night, but also just from being cantankerous in the mornings.

We had amazing seats, too, right by the stage. And this dude deserves a Santa Award, seriously. First of all, Katie was enamored. Second (and probably most important), Carly was already convinced that he was the real Santa because of his beard and he's really tall. But, being the curious, take-nothing-for-granted girl that she is, she needed to test him. So she asked if he knew our elf, Albert (I was SUPER THANKFUL she didn't think to ask if he knew what our elf's name is!!!!), and this sweet man told her that Albert is one of his best elves....

She was a little overcome.

Here she's telling me she's SO proud of Albert.
GOSH I love this kid.

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