Saturday, November 03, 2012

This Just In

We are gathering ourselves to go to Bree's soccer game in 45 minutes. I went upstairs to get Katie dressed in her three layers of successively thick and fluffy clothing and came back in here to find Carly presenting Bree with a snack bag packed with Annie's cheddar bunny crackers, a cheese stick, an apple and a small Gatorade. Carly was telling Bree that's the backup snack in case whoever is in charge of snack for the team hands out a bag of garbage like last time...Doritos, Dora "fruit" snacks, Hi-C, Oreos...that's not food!

Bree's plan is to tell them, "um, no thanks, I have some real food to eat." Lol. We'll work a little on her delivery, but overall I'm pretty proud of my little food evangelist passing on her wisdom. =)

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KKGhoffman said...

Love it. That is why our soccer team (keith is coaching) is not doing the team snack thing. I dont get it when people bring cookies for the kids at 9am. This way every parents bring their own snack for their kid.