Monday, November 05, 2012

Easy Weekend

We had an easy weekend - it was fabulous.
This is one of those horrible sports pictures where it's a bunch of people you don't know and you can't really tell what you're supposed to be looking at, everyone looks cold...anyway. I'll help out. Bree is number 22 and she's just thrown the ball in. Bree did GREAT! The game started at noon which gave us a nice relaxed morning. Yay!
We left the game and drove straight to a (somewhat) local history museum for Girl Scouts.

Sunday was church, grocery shopping, and the park for two hours. Fun times!

Due to our park playdate, Carly has the allergy mess. Her throat hurts too badly to eat so we're staying home today. Poor thing thought she'd be spending the day in her pajamas like last week with the reflux, sipping tea and watching nature documentaries on Netflix. She was less enthusiastic about her day home when she realized she'd be doing homework all day, but homegirl still has to exercise her brain, especially when she's not technically sick. Anyway, speaking of that I have to go enforce the working rule. =)

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