Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Week!

Bree loves spangles. And I love a peaceful ending to our day, so I got the *genius* idea...(I need a sarcasm font, y' badly) to let her do this sweet sensory idea I got off Pinterest. Right. I vacuumed ALL of that up off the floor. She did enjoy it though and I did feel like The Best Mother On Earth for about fifteen minutes while she stirred the pretties around and sang to herself. Maybe fifteen minutes of awesome is what I should shoot for on any given day. =)

Expecting ridiculous lines and not wanting to miss my workout, I dragged all the kids out at 6:45 on Tuesday morning to go vote before school. Carly was amazed by all the choices we had!

Due to an extremely lucky coincidence, we were able to score a spot with the pediatric gastroenterologist on Friday instead of at the end of JANUARY when they have their first opening. I pulled both kids out of school and drove two hours each way for a fifteen minute appointment during which Carly got a new prescription for her reflux (it's supposed to heal the reflux instead of just keeping it maintained at a relatively nonpainful level) and a plan for three months from now. Given that we first started having belly-hurting issues toward the end of May and they got significantly worse when school started again, the doctor and I agree that anxiety is probably playing a big role and hopefully this new prescription plus Daddy returning will help heal it up. Darn genetics aren't working in our favor, but we'll do what we can.

This outfit RIGHT HERE is why I let Bree dress herself. It's just so awesome. I love her so much!!!

Sugar baby. She's the prettiest baby on earth, I'm convinced.
She's also named after several of my favorite people which I think is an added bonus. =)

We stopped at a Greek restaurant called Marathon for lunch. Great food and the girls were loving all the plants and posters of Greece inside.

I always feel like I should have some deep meaningful ending to these blog posts because most other MommyBloggers do. That is, most MommyBloggers do, haha, I do NOT consider myself a blogger. Heaven help us all, these pictures are here because it's great record of our lives. =)

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