Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day Parade!

The Brownies were in a parade today! It was AWESOME!
We celebrated Veteran's today and I was so proud of Carly and Bree. Carly said "thank you for your service" to all the service members in uniform or who were wearing their hats that signified in which war they fought. I was so privileged to shake the hands of a few of them and during pauses in our parade to speak to the ladies next to them. To me, THEY are such heroes, too. They've done what I'm doing, only without near-daily contact. Paul didn't have running water, but he had electricity. He didn't have a bed, but he wasn't sleeping in ditches and I got to hear his voice every week at least. For the Vietnam-era ladies, oh my word. I miss my husband but people thank me for my service; they don't curse my husband. This is so hard but MAN compared to what those ladies had to endure, I have it great. SO good. And it's all thanks to them.
Please pardon Carly's apparent lack of enthusiasm...she was actually really awesome throughout the whole parade. The girls in our troop are facing the camera. I love these kids!

We went to a banner making party tonight and made tons of posters for the barracks. We had a great time! Carly and Bree hung out with Paul's boss' kids and Bree entertained everyone with her hilarious one-liners. Example: she walked into the guest room and put her head on the comforter and said "This comforter is as cozy as my homegirl!" Also, as she was pulling off the decorative flowers from the wall (they were all successfully reattached) "it's raining metal flowers!" Oh my.

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