Thursday, November 01, 2012


Fun crafties, cute outfits, silly was a great Halloween.
This year I got smart with the pumpkins. I sent the big girls upstairs to take a shower while I cleaned out all the pumpkin guts, then I had the girls draw their designs onto the pumpkins and I carved them out. It was by FAR the least chaotic, least messy way to accomplish jack-o-lantern cuteness. Those paper patters we've been using are cute and all but MAN what a pain.
So...Bree drew her PopPop including glasses (left) and Carly drew a friendly face. I carved them on the 30th and good old muggy North Carolina blessed us with a couple of nearly completely liquidated smelly blobs this morning. Oh well! It was cute for the night of and that's all that matters!
My crazy middle posing with a witch at the grocery store.
Getting ready to hit the candy trail! Our neighborhood is the perfect size for trick or treating! It took us about an hour to walk the entire 'hood and the girls were sufficiently satisfied with their haul when we were done. Extra bonus: we got to bed ON TIME. Yay!
Alice, Breeterfly and Katiebug the Ladybug. Those little red antennae and those chunky striped thighs just slay me.
Great example of why it's not an awful thing that I have tons of craft supplies upstairs.
I pulled down the adorable personalized trick-or-treat baskets the girls got last year only to find that some spiders had made their home in them. Lots of empty spider eggs....EW. I mean, it's totally appropriate and all, but...ew. So, thanks to a cool idea from Martha, we whipped up these rad pillowcase candy sacks. The girls got to design them.
Bree made sure her pumpkin face had eyelashes. =)
Also, you can check out the wreath and mum damage from the hurricane. My poor flowers got wayyyy to wet and are now all mildewy and gross. So sad!
That's our porch light in the background.
Miss Karen (our teenage babysitter's mama) set up a s'mores fire pit in their driveway for the hoardes of teenagers that came around. Bree was excited to get to make a s'mores before we headed inside for the night. Sweet little butterfly! We actually bought this costume for Carly last year but it was way too short! Fortunately for us, it was still packed away, and spider-free.
Surveying the goods! Carly immediately organized her candy into categories and Bree just made some piles. I let them pick out five pieces they liked to set aside and overnight I put up the rest for the returning Marines and left out these sticker dress up books they both like. They weren't the biggest fans of that little switcheroo, but they were okay once I told them who would be getting their extra candy. They are such sweet girls!

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