Friday, November 02, 2012

Baby Pictures and Other Things

Who doesn't love baby pictures? =)
This is our across the street babysitter Erin. We went out to the last home football game to see her cheering - the girls were SO EXCITED to see her!
Sorry about my weird face, but I was laughing at Katie making this funny face. My cool new phone has a camera on the front so you can see yourself when you're taking a picture. She thought it was hilarious. She looks like such a chunky monkey here! Haha, she IS really that chubby and squishy - LOVE it.
The Saturday after that picture was taken, Bree had two soccer games not too far apart, so we spent the break time in Swansboro. The girls played on the stage while I wrestled a cranky Katie. 

 See also - her high school yearbook.
This came in the Madagascar 3 movie. AWESOME.

My beautiful bookends.
When the weather is nice we're outside. We lay the beach umbrella down, take out this old quilt and just chill in the front yard. Every one of our neighbors who walk by during our outside time comments on it. Katie doesn't care about that, she just LOVES sitting up.
 It got warm! It was good she got to wear this dress ONCE. haha

This precious baby is right at this exact moment squirming around and fussing on my chest because she's tired and refusing to sleep. She's blowing unhappy raspberries and has soaked my sleeve.
We have a park playdate this afternoon, then we're driving up to see Wreck It Ralph. I'm pretty excited about that one! I hope it's cute!
Paul is bored and he's caught his first cold of the deployment, but otherwise he's doing well. =) There are not-so-many days left and we are ALL so excited. 

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