Friday, October 26, 2012

We're Still Here! And Carly News.

I'll spare you the boring details about how I freak out about the plague and it hit the youngest two members of my household last weekend but everyone is fine now and I went through two bottles of bleach and two months of babysitter budget paying a nanny to help out. You're welcome.

We'll move straight on to Carly. We met with her teacher for the first time this afternoon and I'm a fan. Her teacher is no frills, no fuss, very organized and straight to the point. She also said some terribly nice things about my child, so of course I love her. =) They do placement tests at the beginning of each school year for reading fluency, reading comprehension and math, and on each of them, Carly tested above what is expected of her at the end of 2nd grade in North Carolina. Her teacher is offering challenges above what the state curriculum offers, which is good. Carly is not bored at school, and according to her teacher is a really well-rounded kiddo, with academic, emotional and social strengths. Great news! =)

Carly's school uses the Core Curriculum, and it is really good in that it offers a depth not before seen in standardized curricula. They have removed a lot of the different topics and instead allowed time for kids to really understand fully the concept they are learning. I like it so far. I'll probably continue to be happy with it as an "almost there" solution for us for now. We still do our history lessons at home from the "Story of the World" series, and supplement with cool science stuff as needed.

Listening to her teacher talk and watching Carly at work, it's amazing to think that once I considered this kid the best thing I'd ever done. I guess at that time, when she was a toddler, it was true. But now that she's independent for so much of the day, and performing and learning things on her own, it has become abundantly clear that the only thing I've done in this situation is water what was already there. Being someone's biggest fan is an amazing feeling. I can only hope one day she gets to raise a child so she'll know what this is like. xoxo


Amy D. said...

Brilliant and wonderful--like here mama :)

Our Family of Four said...

Aw Liz that was so sweet! But you do not give yourself enough credit. Yes SHE is amazing and yes you are "watering" her natural born wonderful self but don't forget - YOU MADE that amazing girl. You and Paul, and obviously your genes, are an exceptional combo! Can't wait to see how those genes manifest in the next 2 Fisch!!!