Friday, September 14, 2012

Calgon, Take Me Aw-......uh, Calgon?

It has been one of those days.

Lately we've been having more of 'those' days than usual, and I'm blaming it on the Month Five Curse, which is a completely-invented phenomenon based on a relatively small sample size of families with deployed husbands and school-aged children, preschool-aged children and babies. (The sample size for this study was two families, mine and one other. I did say small...) I didn't control for the time of year Month Five occurs - theirs happened right during the transition out of school into summer and ours is happening right at the transition from summer to school. And I didn't control for the fact that my friend had lost ALL her baby weight by now even with drinking real Coke and keeps an immaculate house, while I'm still all squishy and gross and had cobwebs in my high windows that I just today knocked down after two weeks.


All my four hundred children are finally asleep and I was finally heading toward the bubble bath that I'd been holding out as my reward ALL day and wouldn't you know, some little explorer had dropped a new bottle of nail polish that didn't break thankfully, but did splatter my ENTIRE bathroom including the brand new shower curtain with Cajun Shrimp colored not-cheap polish, broken my new (cheap, thankfully) blush, and had removed the bubble bath and shampoo lids leaving both darn bottles to leak down the drain. This could have occured during the one and only one ten-minute period of time I didn't have eyes-on both older children, when I thought both girls were upstairs playing while I was preparing appetizers for an event tomorrow. Then, since I spent the next four hours acting as referee and didn't set foot in the back part of the house until just now, I only now found this epic, exhausting, depleting, heartbreaking mess. I don't even feel angry about it, really, just weary.

This is the point in the blog where I'm supposed to do one of a few things:

a) draw a deep spiritual parallel between that event and something larger and more important than $35 worth of beauty products
b) start cursing
c) drink a lot of wine
d) take a picture

I did none of those things. I just did the only really logical thing I could do, which was just clean it up, order a new shower curtain from the Amazon app on my phone and try to make a bubble bath out of the shampoo and "foaming bath gelee" coating the bottom of my tub, which, naturally, was just cleaned yesterday.

Tomorrow will be better. =)

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