Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lost Tooth!

This has been posted on Facebook already, but it bears repeating.
That tiny little tooth so helpfully pointed out in this photo of 10-month old Carly was the first one she got. Oh my WORD, that sweet little face.

Well, here's that sweet face and that little tooth has vacated the premises.

It gradually got looser and looser until it came flying out in the car on the way home from dance. It bounced off Katie's carseat and was found on the floor of the car, where Carly got it and came up triumphant with blood on her face. Bree FREAKED OUT, but Carly was ecstatic.

The Tooth Fairy was not prepared and Carly ended up scoring $10 for that little tooth because that was all the good fairy had in her magical wallet.


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KKGhoffman said...

YEAH Carly!!