Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Blog About Nothing

Please, for the love of goodness gracious, will someone tell me how to get this screen off wide? It's driving me INSANE, plus, hi, you all look really fat in your pictures. So...
Anyway, there's nothing too out of the ordinary going on around here. This morning Carly had a reflux flare up so I took her in for a referral to the GI doctor and a prescription of Zantac. There is a very strong family history of reflux and I want to help her avoid some of the long-term effects. She ADORED being home all day even though the first hour of it was spent crying with stomach and throat pain. Poor bubbas! After that was over, we did some crafts, she did a lot of fun home-homework and we just hung out.
Here's another picture of Katie rolling over - she was so surprised and proud of her sweet little self! Now she's flipping back and forth to get at her toys and I have to tell you she beats the daylights out of that little Whoozit in the background, especially when it's hanging from her little seat in the kitchen. She goes nuts on it - so awesome.

Nomming on Daddy.

Haircuts! They are loving having their hair short-short which is just okay in my opinion. They have TONS of texture in their hair - you can see how wavy Bree's is, and it's darn near impossible to make it look neat EVER. Oh well. Fewer tangles. And check out our much-diminished paper chain in the background! I spread it back out over the window and it looks so wimpy now - AWESOME. The links are all faded which sort of brought home how very long they've been up there...but they are very nearly gone. That's the important part! I'm hoping with the disappearance of the paper chain Carly's habit of immediately changing into her father's t-shirts when we get home will disappear, too.

That is all! For now, anyway. =)

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Jeri Walker said...

The picture with the dad pillow looks just like you.