Friday, August 31, 2012

Swimming and Stuff

The first week of school was great!

Bree starts preschool for her normal schedule on Tuesday and we swing into full gear with our schedule of extra-curriculars! We celebrated a great first week today by a swim and I had pizza delivered to the pool...mostly so I didn't have to clean up the kitchen again and lunch is taken care of for tomorrow! haha

Bree LOVES this little floatie! And Bree and has been the best thing in the world for them. They actually miss one another and love to play in the afternoons.

We got to speak with Paul and he's doing great. It was a little sad for us to have the rest of the guys coming back and him still out there working away, but it will be fine. We only have a handful of weeks to go and he'll be back here with us. Can't wait!

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