Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!

Yay! That's one happy big sister!
Because of our trip to the waterpark last week we missed Meet the Teacher night and Carly didn't get to visit her classroom before school started. Thankfully her teacher gave us a call, so we knew where to go on the first day! She's way at the back of the school campus, but from what I could see of her classroom, it looks great. She was eager to sit with her friends and not be the one kid whose embarrassing little sister was goofing off in front of everyone, so we left as soon as she was settled. Poor Carly, Bree is such a spotlight can see her in this picture sneaking out the door to get in on the first day of school photo!

Bree looks like the hobo version of what would happen if Barbie and Crocodile Dundee ever had a child. There were no fewer than five stuffed animals in her backpack..she's a mess.

And beause we can't leave Katie out!
I LOVE the little space by our back door. It gets the most gorgeous light, perfect for catching a picture of some drool on this little angel face.

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Jess said...

Your girls are getting so big. All three are as adorable as can be. Bree reminds me of Garrett. He was always a mess. Toting bags of things everywhere we went, oh, and his blankets-both of them! His fashion sense has not yet changed. Hopefully by the teen years.
BTW, Carly's legs go on forever!