Monday, September 03, 2012

When Knowing Better Isn't Doing Better

It's FINALLY quiet in my house! It's 11pm!!!

So, okay. We got to sleep late last night, so the I gave the girls a nap. Then I had them 'work out' with me, then we went swimming all in an attempt to sufficiently wear them out so they'd get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect!

Usually, I read until both big girls are asleep. We're reading Harry Potter, so I don't mind AT ALL going two or three chapters. Well, tonight I read four really, really long chapters with no inflection whatsoever and they were still awake, but my voice was all hoarse, I had to go to the bathroom and I had about a million things to take care of so we did kisses and hugs and goodnights...and that was my big mistake, y'all. Walking out of that room while Bree was still conscious...I should have KNOWN it was a bad idea.

Carly was downstairs within about three minutes complaining that Bree was being crazy. So I advised Carly to sleep in the purple room (aka baby's room where Baby does not sleep and there is a twin bed where guests occasionally sleep, but not terribly comfortably because there are no blinds or curtains on the window right by the head of the bed)...well, Bree lost it at that. She doesn't like to sleep alone, so she's screaming her head off.

Which wakes up Katie who is now hungry again.

So I send Bree back to her bed and feed Katie. Who then has a blowout because OF COURSE, right? Oh my gosh. Well Bree's not happy and I pass the dreaded "I hate you Mommy!" milestone for the first time ever. It was so sad! I know she was so extremely upset and I was just not able to give her what she needed at that point. She had asked to sleep on a pallet on my floor (not allowed on school nights) and then told me she wasn't going to tell me ANYTHING about school the next day...and then...ugh. So sad, I don't like to think about it.

By the time I had Katie and myself cleaned up from her enthusiastic elimination and got upstairs to check on her, Bree was fast asleep, face down in the middle of her floor. She's wearing Carly's robe which will probably tip off World War 3 in the morning, but at least she won't be cold tonight.

Anyway, that's how it all went down in our house tonight!

When you call me in December and Paul answers my phone because I 'accidentally' left it at home and have been gone for about six hours when I said I was just running out to pick up milk at the store...nights like this are why. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Oh my sounds like LOADS of fun! And really, I think the big mistake, was the nap. Max, in particular, will NOT sleep if he has a nap. I always opt for early bedtime versus nap. But then again you have a baby and probably could use the downtown yourself. If only there were parenting guides that worked for every kid in 3 easy steps! Hang in there Liz! How long 'til Paul returns?