Sunday, August 12, 2012

Katie Claire at 3 Months

At two weeks, snuggled up on the Boppy:

Ten minutes ago, playing with her crazy sisters.
Sleeps: fabulously, as normal. She hasn't been waking up for her 11/midnight feeding anymore, which has been amazing. She's going from about 7:30pm to about 6am straight and all without any of the crazy sleep training stuff I did with her big sisters. She goes back to sleep until about 9:30 if it's dark and quiet in my room, then will take a little catnap around 12:30 and another at 4:30. She will sleep any time she's in her cozy carrier, even though she still hates falling asleep and nearly always fusses about it.
Eats: At Mom's! She takes a bottle from the friend school ladies when I do my volunteering, and usually likes about 5oz at a time. She's a great eater, and we don't have many spitups or other issues - so lucky!
Clothes: 3-6 months or 6 months. Her 3 month onesies still fit fine (see above), which is great because Bree started solids while she could fit into 6 month clothes so all of THOSE were destroyed by pureed beets and carrots. =)

Stats: A couple of weeks ago I took her to the doctor because she had a little cold and she weighed 13.5 pounds after not eating a lot for a couple of days. My guess is she's a solid 14 and some change and has grown another half inch or so. I love my big babies!
Likes: being outside!!! It was finally cool enough for her to go out for a little while and she just stared and stared at the trees. She also loves her swing at the gym, swimming, this one toy with wooden sticks and beads and go back and forth, her baby books, pictures, singing, baths...she's an overall happy girl as long as she's fed, rested and being held. =)
Dislikes: falling asleep!!!!, her carseat, being woken up, being put down for any reason at any time outside the first hour of the day, loud noises, people up in her face
New this Month: Laughing!!! It is SO AWESOME because she snorts when she laughs!!! We started cloth diapers this month and those are going great - it's significantly less gross than I expected plus they're super cute. Katie doesn't seem to care either way. She's starting to be able to grab at toys on purpose and has even gotten a hold of one a couple of times but she's was so surprised, she let go immediately. She's carrying on her best friendship with the fans in the house and will stare extra hard if they're not moving.

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