Tuesday, August 14, 2012

iPhone dump! =)

Normal, organized people do this on Fridays. It even has a name, it's called "Insta Fridays" and you post up iPics from your week. YOU do.

I do it on Tuesday (this week). And it's called "Here Are Some Pictures From The Last Seven Days."

Bree chose El Zarape for her birthday lunch! She ate her body weight in enchilada sauce and chips and then got his huge ridiculous ice cream which she demolished. While wearing the awesome sombrero and a birthday present dress! That's my GIRL! 

Saturday afternoon, I gave the girls their allowances and Bree was SUPER stoked to get her allowance for the first time!!! $1 went into the save jar and she chose a chocolate bar as her first purchase. Hershey's white chocolate with those little cookie pieces in it - I used to love those when I was a kid!

Physicals! Not quite as fun as allowances.
The girls are doing great - Carly got a referral to the eye doctor because her eyes were 20/20 and 20/30...I thought that was good but apparently not? We'll see next week!

That SWEET baby, sleeping in her favorite nap chair.
That's funny...she doesn't usually nap in a chair, but she fell asleep during my workout and she was too cute. Look at those long legs hanging off the edge!

I had to do a double take...that's Bree. I promise! The only way I know is because of what she's wearing...it's a birthday outfit as are those pink glitter high-tops.

Yesterday was SO busy and SO fun. Our first stop was a playdate and Katie got to hang out with her buddy, my friend Bekah. They were having a great conversation!

We had lunch with another set of friends, then did a couple of little errands and came back for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I left with a headache but the kids had a fun time! Here's Bree hogging the banana game - that kid eventually gave up and found something else. =)

After the party, BOTH girls went to our friends' house for a sleepover! They did very well and then we met those friends at the beach to play ALL afternoon. Here's Carly and one of her very best friends...such ladies.

Bree got to fly the kite she got for her birthday!

Now we're back home. Katie slept the ENTIRE four hours we were at the beach so she's ready to rock! The big girls are watching Mary Poppins and are probably going to fall asleep super early tonight. =)

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