Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bree!!!

So here's what happened...
I scheduled Bree's birthday party during one of Paul's big trainings in February. I thought her birthday fell on a Saturday, so I requested her party be the day before...Saturdays are nuts at the jumpy place. Well, hi, her birthday didn't fall on a Saturday, so at some point during the late spring/early summer, where everything was a total blur my memory was worse than usual (and that's saying something), I guess I must have switched the day and immediately forgot about it.

So, flash forward to a couple of weeks ago and we invited all of our friends to come on Thursday. Because that's what was in my calendar from February and that's what I sort of remembered.

Well, thank GOODNESS the jumpy place didn't have any parties scheduled! And they let us come in! And they ordered our pizza, helped us set up and were all around wonderful and accomodating. It's not that we showed up on the wrong day, it's that we were remarkably punctual.

Bree chose to open her gifts at the party - and in this photo I was explaining to her as quietly and quickly as I could that even if we have something already, we say thank you very much and we can say we love the book. Thankfully, she did just that! This really is a great book. =)

I am definitely the fat friend right now. Terra, Victoria, Bekah and Laura (with Katie)...such nice people! And they ALL live on base in Jacksonville.

Katie was passed from arms to arms and she did awesome. Here she is watching some of the big kids swirl all around her.

And this morning!
We wait to open family gifts until the actual birthday morning! Bree is so loved and she is READY for preschool, wardrobe-wise. Such a lucky girl!

Playing with one of her gifts from yesterday - an impossibly tiny barbie tea set! She loves it!

My big girl is FOUR!!!
She is 41 inches tall and 36 pounds. She is learning to read and count to 100 by herself. She loves to dance, draw, play with Barbies, swim, read and paint her nails. She is the perfect middle sister: idolizing and aggravating her big sister and adoring her baby, being so generous with kisses and hugs. She knows exactly what she wants, and how to ask for it if she can't get it herself. She's a whole lot of Bree and not everyone can handle that, but man, they're missing out.

Bree at 2

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Mommy3 said...

So cute! Glad she had a great day! I didn't realize she was an August baby. Lucas is August too. He turns 5 this week!