Monday, August 27, 2012

In One Picture

A week or so ago...really this picture sums it all up. It's not posed or anything but I did pick this out of the lineup because it shows everything that was happening at that moment.
Katie is doing (and hating) tummy time while Carly cheers her on with a wooden toy. Bree is making crazy faces while dressed up like a fairy-slash-rockstar and I was reading Harry Potter to everyone before I decided to take a bunch of pictures. The big girls are covered in not-so-temporary tattoos from a recent birthday party. You can see a stray marker, some mini bubbles, the place where Bree decided to decorate our hearth with blue crayon, the cardboard box puppet theaters in the background, some schmutz on the floor, the shadow of the laundry basket full of (unfolded) clean was raining outside.
This cozy, messy, wonderful chaos is our life. xoxo

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